Modify The Texture

The colors of the sprite will show up exactly as in the source file, but sometimes being able to slightly modify the overall color is useful - for instance, coloring an angry enemy more red, or making a frozen enemy blue. Amethyst has a Component called Tint to do this.

To use Tint, register Tint as a new Component with the world and build it as part of the entity. Tint will multiply the color values of the sprite by its own values, so a Tint with a white color will have no effect on the sprite.

extern crate amethyst;
use amethyst::assets::{AssetStorage, Loader, Handle};
use amethyst::core::transform::Transform;
use amethyst::prelude::*;
use amethyst::renderer::{
    SpriteRender, SpriteSheet,
    Texture, Transparent
use amethyst::window::ScreenDimensions;

pub fn load_texture<N>(name: N, world: &World) -> Handle<Texture>
    N: Into<String>,

pub fn load_sprite_sheet(texture: Handle<Texture>) -> SpriteSheet {
struct ExampleState;

impl SimpleState for ExampleState {
    fn on_start(&mut self, mut data: StateData<'_, GameData<'_, '_>>) {
        let texture_handle = load_texture("texture/sprite_sheet.png", &;

        let sprite_sheet = load_sprite_sheet(texture_handle);
        let sprite_sheet_handle = {
            let loader =<Loader>();
        // ...

        self.initialize_sprite(&mut, sprite_sheet_handle);

impl ExampleState {
    fn initialize_sprite(
        &mut self,
        world: &mut World,
        sprite_sheet_handle: Handle<SpriteSheet>,
    ) {
        // ..

        let (width, height) = {
            let dim = world.read_resource::<ScreenDimensions>();
            (dim.width(), dim.height())

        // Move the sprite to the middle of the window
        let mut sprite_transform = Transform::default();
        sprite_transform.set_translation_xyz(width / 2., height / 2., 0.);

        let sprite_render = SpriteRender::new(sprite_sheet_handle, 0);  // First sprite

        // White shows the sprite as normal.
        // You can change the color at any point to modify the sprite's tint.
        let tint = Tint(Srgba::new(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0));


fn main() {}