Specs Migration

  • Specs migration

    Quick fix:

    • Add use amethyst::ecs::WorldExt to imports.
    • Replace world.add_resource with world.insert.
    • Regex replace \bResources\b with World. Check for false replacements.
    • Replace world.res with world.
    • Regex replace \bres\b with world.

    shred-derive is re-exported by amethyst. Migration steps:

    • Remove shred-derive from Cargo.toml.
    • Remove use amethyst::ecs::SystemData from imports (if present).
    • Add use amethyst::shred::{ResourceId, SystemData} to imports.
  • PrefabLoaderSystem is initialized by PrefabLoaderSystemDesc.

    Quick fix:

    • Find: PrefabLoaderSystem::<([A-Za-z]+)>::default\(\),
    • Replace: PrefabLoaderSystemDesc::<\1>::default()
  • GltfSceneLoaderSystem is initialized by GltfSceneLoaderSystemDesc.

    Quick fix:

    • Find: GltfSceneLoaderSystem::<([A-Za-z]+)>::default\(\),
    • Replace: GltfSceneLoaderSystemDesc::<\1>::default()
  • AmethystApplication::with_setup runs the function before the dispatcher.

    Quick fix:

    • Find: with_setup,
    • Replace: with_effect
  • Renamed UiTransformBuilder to UiTransformData.

  • Renamed UiTextBuilder to UiTextData.

  • Renamed UiButtonBuilder to UiButtonData.