Display The Texture

With a DrawFlat2D render pass set up and a loaded texture, it's already possible to render the full texture. The TextureHandle itself implements Component, so you can just attach the Handle to an entity and it'll show up!

For anything rendered by the DrawFlat2D pass, it's also possible to optionally attach a Flipped component to the entity, which will signal to the renderer that you want to flip your texture horizontally or vertically when rendering.

# extern crate amethyst;
use amethyst::assets::{AssetStorage, Loader};
use amethyst::core::Transform;
use amethyst::prelude::*;
use amethyst::renderer::{Flipped, PngFormat, Texture, TextureMetadata, TextureHandle};

# pub fn load_texture<N>(name: N, world: &mut World) -> TextureHandle
# where
#    N: Into<String>,
# {
#     let loader = world.read_resource::<Loader>();
#     loader.load(
#         name,
#         PngFormat,
#         TextureMetadata::srgb(),
#         (),
#         &world.read_resource::<AssetStorage<Texture>>(),
#     )
# }

// ...

fn init_image(world: &mut World, texture_handle: &TextureHandle) {
    // Add a transform component to give the image a position
    let mut transform = Transform::default();

        .with(texture_handle.clone()) // Use the texture handle as a component
        .with(Flipped::Horizontal) // Flip the texture horizontally

struct ExampleState;

impl SimpleState for ExampleState {
    fn on_start(&mut self, data: StateData<'_, GameData<'_, '_>>) {
        let world = data.world;
        let texture_handle = load_texture("texture/sprite_sheet.png", world);

        // show the image!
        init_image(world, &texture_handle);